Some Things You Should Know About Your Roses

There are a lot of people who love roses but they know very little about them global rose reviews. Everything has a history whether its history is known or not; they do have a beginning point. Roses come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They vary in color and can be dried and used in centerpieces, or in gift baskets. The most popular of the smaller versions are the miniatures; although all roses are loved just the same. There are more amazing facts that every rose lover should know. The rose is used in the production of medication. It is the hips and the petals that make it valuable. The rose also contains antioxidants, which helps to protect the immune system. The rose hips contain ovaries and have a complete reproductive system present within them. It carries both the male and the female reproductive parts. This is one reason why the rose is considered the perfect flower.

It is completely different from any other known flower. It has nutrients of pectin, and beta carotene. It is rich in vitamin E, vitamin K and Vitamin C. In 1986 the rose was established as the United States national flower. A rose can make sugar better tasting than it already is! Just take fresh rose petals wash and dry them gently and layer them in an airtight container, alternating with layers of sugar. Ordinary table sugar will do. Let them sit for a few days and then remove the petals. You will now have a wonderfully fragrant sugar for herb teas. This may well work with Stevia, but I haven’t tried it. The beautiful brilliant color and the fragrance of these petals are what attract insects to the rose. The sepals are protective leaves and surround the buds of the roses as a mother would her child. The male reproduction system consists of the Stamens and the feminine parts of the reproductive system are called Pistils. Other facts concerning these beauty flowers are a pleasure to know. Roses were first cultivated over two thousand years ago in China. Thankfully for us rose cultivating made its way to other countries.

The Middle East, Persia, and India among others came to enjoy the beauty of the rose. The roses are used in the making of perfumes, and skin oils; it is also used to make soaps and body washes. I hope you have learned some new rose facts to share with your friends. There is folklore that states if the rose is tossed into a fire it will bring good luck. Another folklore story suggests that the rose means silence. Some rose legends state that Nero engulfed his guests with rose petals to the point that he almost suffocated them. Rose petals were carried by women in medieval ages to disguise body odor. Another interesting rose factoid is that the early Christians related the Rosa Sancta to the five petals as being the five wounds of Christ. They regard the white rose as the Virgin Mary.

The Rosa Gallica Officinalis is one of the oldest garden roses. The hybridized rose was the first registered plant to ever receive a patent. It was given in consideration to the climbing or trailing rose. Some more of rose facts involves the growth of the largest rose bush in the world measuring eight thousand square feet. It is believed that the oldest living rose is over one thousand years old!

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